Bends and pieces for pneumatic conveying pipe lines

Leadbulk offers long-radius bends and pipe pieces for pneumatic conveying. It is critical in a pneumatic conveying line to use long-radius bends to obtain smooth conveying as well as a minimum of pressure losses. Pipe diameters ranging from Ø38,1 mm and upwards and radiuses from R90 – R1000 mm. Every bend has also got a straight pipe in both ends to admit easy connection to straight pipes with pipe couplings.

We supply bends in stainless steel with wall-thickness of 1,5 – 2 mm. Mild steel bends with greater wall-thickness is also supplied. The mild steel bends is also available in special dimensions.

Leadbulk offers T-pieces, Y-forks and cone-pieces as well as straight pipes in a lot of different dimensions.