Two-way diverter type VDM is a drumdiverter used in pneumatic conveying lines in either positive or negative pressure systems. The manifold is made of an aluminum alloy and is also available in a Nickel version. The diverter is controlled by a pneumatic actuator that is complete with solenoid valves and limit switches. The connections on the VDM manifold consists of pipe ends which is handy during installation that uses pipe couplings.

The VPT is a two-way diverter for most pneumatic systems and particularly suitable for high pressures. VPT is made of aluminum and components in contact with the material can be delivered in stainless- or hardened carbon steel. The VPT diverter has two types of seals, one for lines with low or medium pressure and for lines with high pressure.

The VPD Is a two-way diverter suitable for pneumatic lines where the pressure is at a medium level. VPD distributor can be supplied in various sizes and designs. It is manufactured in stainless steel AISI316 or aluminum where the internal flap blade made of stainless steel. The tightness is assured by gaskets made of durable materials, or of food grade silicone seals. The control can be manual or pneumatic.




General Catalogue 2015