Explosion protection components

Leadbulk offers VigilEx® explosions protection components. Explosion panels (burst panels) and also flameless explosion venting.

The products have been designed to meet with current health and safety requirements and are intended to be used in potentially explosive areas (directive 94/9/CE).

In the event of an explosion the vent panels are designed to evacuate the pressure in order to protect both the workforce and surrounding facilities. The VigilEx® explosion vent panels offer a simple and efficient protection system which is designed to resist vacuum under cycling conditions and can be used in silos, cyclones, filters units and vessels.

  • VigilEx® VL is designed for single flat or round filters and sanitary applications. Standard vacuum resistance 50 mbar.
  • VigilEx® VD is designed for vacuum processes with pulsating/cycling and sanitary applications. Standard vacuum resistance 200 mbar.
  • VigilEx® VM is designed for single flat or found applications. Standard vacuum resistance 50 mbar.
  • VigilEx® VH is designed for for single flat and high performance pulsating applications. Standard vacuum resistance 100 mbar.
  • VigilEx® VQ is designed to protect indoor machinery the VigilEx VQ guarantees flameless venting and dust protection. No burnt or unburnt dust passes off. Even high temperature is reduced to a minimum. During normal venting an explosion is freely discharged, allowing flames and dust to exit from the process vessel. When the process is located indoors, ducts are generally used to convey the explosion outside the building. However, the cost and options of implementing explosion vents and ducts are limited due to dramatically reduced venting efficiency. The VigilEx VQ is an ATEX approved flameless explosion vent (EC Certificate Number : INERIS 14ATEX0049X ). It be used with great effect indoors and outdoors. It is the best and easiest solution instead of cumbersome and expensive solutions with pipe installations to the open air. The VigilEx VQ provides low pressure resistance effectively eliminating flame and heat emissions thereby easing indoor installation and positioning of relevant machinery.



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