MIX filters meet the most demanding requirements for dust extraction in various industrial applications such as pneumatic conveying in pressure / vacuum systems or the separation of very fine powder particles.

Cylindrical Bag filters with filter area ranging from 2-68 m² and rectangular shaped filters in sizes 20-300 m². Other sizes are custom made.

Where the recoverable material is suitable for the pleated filter the type is very affordable and space-saving. Cartridge filter is available with cylindrical houses in sizes 2-100 m² and with rectangular houses in sizes 70-500 m².

Big size rectangular filters of larger dimensions is used when you have a large amount of air and less dust density. Common areas such as the timber industry as a central filter where air is taken from several stations. These filters are equipped with compressed air cleaning.

MIX Skyfilter is circular and is mounted on top of silos or containers. The filter media can easily be changed thanks to the opening the hood of the filter top side. The automatic cleaning takes place by means of vibration or compressed air. Skyfilter can also be supplied with built-in fan.

MIX also offers ATEX filters and a range of accessories such as the receiving hoppers and the dust collection containers.


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