Singles axis ploughshare mixers is based on the principle of mechanical fluidisation of the product. The particular shape of the mixer tool, position and rotation speed creates a centrifugal vortex motion, which allows the incoming products projected on a three-dimensional manner and mixed together with each other. This ensures that the components with different particle size and bulk density becomes well mixed with high precision in a short time. Ploughshare mixers are used for mixing dry powders, granules, short fibers or liquids with low viscosity.

A ribbon mixer is a U trough mixer with single axis with a double helix mixing tool. The outer coil moves the material from the two ends of the vessel towards the center while the inner coil moves the material towards the two ends, so that a convective mixing occurs. The product is processed gently with a relatively short mixing. Used for mixing dry powders, granules and liquids and pastes with low viscosity.

MIX Srl produces mixers for continues mixeing processes as well as batch mixing processes. The mixers can also be used as stirred bunkers, granulators, dryers, reactors and sterilizers.

A mixer that can be used on a small scale to test products or make small batches are Laboratory Pilot Mixers. They are easy to clean and are equipped with a control panel so that you can easily keep track of the mixing process.


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