Pharmaceutical Screeners

Cuccolin'si VPF screener is specifically designed to meet the high requirements and specifications required in pharmaceutical applications. The sieve is suited for use prior to tablet presses, capsule filling, and sachet filling. The screeners are made of stainless steel AISI316 with mirrorpolished finish on interior surfaces. The drive is centered and can be supplied with stainless steel covers and also with a control panel IP65. The unit can be mounted on a stainless steel trolley that is height adjustable. The decks are attached with quick clamps. The VPF screener is offered in two diameters; 500 mm and 800 mm.

The VPF2 is Cuccolinis low profile screener which is optimal for control- and safety screening. The VPF2 has a centered inlet and outlet. The two vibromotors are located outside the house and ensures a well-balanced machine. The inside can be mirrorpolished to meet the high demands of the food industry.


Screeners for Pharma

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