Screeners for solids

Cuccolini's VPM screener is the most common method in the fraction sieving of fine powders down to 30 microns. VPM sieves are available with up to 4 fractions and outlet. This screener has evolved over 20 years and is available with many accessories such as cleaning of the screen cloths using ultrasound or rubber balls. All screeners is available in food grade and ATEX execution.

Cuccolini's VPB screener can be used in many applications, but especially where mobility and flexibility are important. This model has a compact size and quick couplings for quickly changing and cleaning of the mesh. This model is available with one to four outlets. It is also possible to get a mobile trolley in various designs.

Cuccolinis VP2 screener is used for saftey-screening. It has a low profile and is well suited where there is a lack of space. The VP2 has a centered inlet and outlet. The design of the VP2 allows you to have large dimensions on the mesh, from 450 mm up to 2000 mm. VP2 screeners is available with one or two decks.

Cuccolini's VTU is a tumbler-screener with high efficiency for very fine powder. Tumbler sieve has a slow three-dimensional motion, making the screening gently to the material and less wear on the mesh. A tumbler-screener can be equipped with several different decks and the special movement makes the screener appropriate when you want to divide the material into different fractions.


Screeners for solids

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