ScreenX technology is a patented technology from Virto Group, which has revolutionized the market for mechanical screening. ScreenX technology has higher capacity and efficiency than conventional single frequency screeners. The ScreenX converts the traditional single frequency motion into a multi-frequency motion thru a rubber-amplifier. This means that the vibrations are accelerated directly to the mesh with a force of 500G, unlike a traditional sieve only reaching 5G - 10G. With the ScreenX technology it is now possible to screen materials that previously not have been able to screen with mechanical screeners.

The rectangular vibrating screeners with ScreenX technology offers the largest possible capacity. It uses the patented MSVexcite technology to achieve unmatched high capacity and efficiency of the screening of wet, dry and sludge-based products previously considered impossible to separate.

Circular vibrating screens are available in a variety of sizes and is usually used for the separation of very fine powder (down to 6 microns). The ScreenX CS model range has consistently proved as the best solution on the market to eliminate lumps and successfully screening of extremely fine powder.


Screen X Rectangular

Screen X Circular


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ScreenX Crevice Free

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