The VPF valve is Olocco's butterfly valve. It is made of aluminum or acid resistant stainless steel AISI 316. The seal consists of adiprene or white rubber that is specifically designed for the food industry. The model is available with manual or pneumatic operation. Available in diameters of 100-400 mm.

Olocco's UPG vlave is a knifegate valve which is suitable for use as powder, granules or liquids. Thanks to its simple design it fits most applications in the chemical, plastics and food industries. The valve body is manufactured in cast iron or stainless steel. The blade is manufactured in stainless steel and seals in metal or Viton. To ensure the tightness there is also a sealing cord of PTFE. The valve is available with manual or pneumatic control. Available in dimensions from Ø 50 mm - Ø 1000 mm.



General Catalogue 2015